Conditions Of Parole

The following is a sample containing excerpts of a parole agreement that depict the standard conditions of parole.

State of Nevada
Board of Parole Commissioners

    On the day of ____________ ______________was sentenced by______________ , District Judge of the ___________Judicial District Court in and for the County of _____________ , State of Nevada, to imprisonment in the Nevada State Prison System, for the crime of _____________________for a term of ______________________.

      The Board of Parole Commissioners, by virtue of the authority vested in it by the laws of the State of Nevada, hereby authorizes the Director of the Department of Prisons to allow said on the day of , , or as soon thereafter as a satisfactory program can be arranged and approved by the Division of Parole and Probation, to go upon parole outside the prison buildings and enclosure, subject to the following conditions:

        1. Reporting/Release: Upon release from the institution, you are to go directly to the program approved by the Division of Parole and Probation, and shall report to the Supervising Officer or other person designated by the Division. You are required to submit a written Monthly Report to your Supervising Officer on the first of each month on forms supplied by the Division of Parole and Probation. This report shall be true and correct in all respects; in addition, you shall report as directed by your Supervising Officer.

        2. Residence: You shall not change your place of residence without first obtaining permission from your Supervising Officer, in each instance.

        3. Intoxicants: You shall not drink or partake of any alcoholic beverages (whatsoever) (to excess). Upon request by any Parole or Peace Officer, you shall submit to a medically recognized test for blood\breath alcohol content. Test results of .10 blood alcohol or higher shall be sufficient proof of excess.

        4. Controlled Substances: You shall not use, purchase nor possess any narcotic drugs, nor any dangerous drugs, unless first prescribed by a licensed physician; you shall immediately notify your Supervising Officer of any prescription received. You shall submit to narcotic or drug testing as required by any Supervision Officer.

        5. Weapons: You shall not possess, own, carry, or have under your control, any type of weapon.

        6. Associates: You shall not associate with individuals who have criminal records or other individuals as deemed inappropriate by the Division. You shall not have any contact with persons confined in a correctional institution unless specific written permission has been granted by your supervising officer and the correctional institution.

        7. Cooperation: You shall, at all times, cooperate with your Supervising Officer and your behavior shall justify the opportunity granted to you by this parole.

        8. Laws and Conduct: You shall comply with all institutional rules, municipal, county, state and federal laws, and ordinances; and conduct yourself as a good citizen.

        9. Out-of-State Travel: You shall not leave the State without first obtaining written permission from your Supervising Officer.

        10. Employment/Program: You shall seek and maintain legal employment, or maintain a program approved by the Division of Parole and Probation and not change such employment or program without first obtaining permission.

        11. Supervision Fees: You shall pay monthly supervision fees while under supervision of the Division.

        12. Fines/Restitution: You shall pay all Court-ordered fines, fees and restitution on a schedule approved by the Division.

        13. Special Conditions:

        14. Search: You shall submit to a search of your person, automobile, or place of residence, by a Parole Officer, at any time of the day or night without a warrant, upon reasonable cause as ascertained by the Parole Officer.

        15. Your Parole Expiration Date is:

        16. Credits: You shall receive no credit, whatsoever, on this sentence should you be absent from supervision at any time and be considered an absconder.

          This parole is granted to and accepted by you, subject to the conditions stated herein, and with the knowledge that the Board of Parole Commissioners have the power, at any time, in case of violation of the conditions of parole to cause your detention and/or return to prison. Your right to vote has been revoked and may be restored upon Honorable Discharge from parole.


            Chief Parole Officer _____________________ Dated:_______________________


                I do hereby waive extradition to the State of Nevada from any state in the United States, and from any territory or country outside the continental United States, and also agree that I will not contest any effort to return me to the United States or the State of Nevada,

                  I have read or had read to me, the conditions of my parole, and I fully understand them and I agree to abide by and strictly follow them. I fully understand the penalties involved should I, in any manner, violate the foregoing conditions.


                      Officer Witness_________________ Dated:__________________________

                        SUP310 (Rev. 09\07\99lw)