In an effort to ensure public safety, the Board of Parole Commissioners (Board) renders fair and just decisions on parole matters based on the law, the impact on victims and the community, and the goal of successfully reintegrating offenders back into society.


The Board is committed to the improvement of the quality of the criminal justice system on behalf of all the citizens of Nevada. It seeks this through a deep concern for public safety, consideration of the victims of crime and the rehabilitation of offenders.

The Board strongly believes in the parole process and is committed to the ethical, unbiased and professional performance of its duties, and will continually strive for excellence and consistent fairness.

The members of the Board value each Commissioner and fellow employee and respect the contribution each makes toward the successful completion of our mission. The Board strives for collegiality in its internal operations and full cooperation with external organizations with which it interacts.

The Board recognizes its responsibility, not only to the citizens of Nevada and the victims of crime, but also to the offenders who appear before it. With this in mind, the Board will render objective, just and informed decisions that are free of improper external influences, while being mindful of the needs of the offender and the community.