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    Monthly Parole Hearing Schedules

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    Parole Violation Hearings

    The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners meets to consider the parole violation charges made against those listed on the Parole Violation agenda and will take action to continue or revoke the parole based upon their findings of the alleged violations.

    Discretionary and Mandatory Condition Modifications

    From time-to-time, the Board will schedule hearings to consider modifying the conditions of certain offenders who are currently on parole.

    Lifetime Supervision

    Early Discharge from Parole

    How to Find a Hearing Date

    Inmates may be removed from these lists if they are moved from the scheduled institution or are otherwise determined not to be eligible for parole.

      To find the current housing location of a specific inmate, use the "Inmate Search"page on the Department of Corrections website. (Please follow the detailed directions on that page.)

        For Your Information...

        Monthly Parole Actions (Results of Parole Board Hearings)

        Parole Violation Hearings

        In Nevada, the Parole Board does not employ any sworn officers and does not enforce the conditions of parole. The Parole and Probation division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety (P&P) enforces the conditions of probation. Please contact them if you have questions about warrants for the violation of parole.

          The Board conducts Parole Violation Hearings (PVs). Parole violation hearings are conducted on Tuesdays. Women's parole violation hearings are usually conducted on the third Tuesday of each month.