How to use the top navigation bar

The top navigation bar has links in this order.  Here's an explanation of the links:

  • Home - Takes you back to the main page of this site. 
  • Information - Provides a place to obtain information that people frequently request.  For your convenience, some of the information on this page is also available through other links.
  • Public Meetings - Provides specific information about Parole Board meetings.  Typically, this includes an agenda and/or handouts before the meeting is held and additional information after a meeting is held. (Minutes, etc.)
  • Eligibility Lists - Being placed on an Eligibility List is the first step in the parole process. NDOC determines the which inmates are eligible for parole.
  • Hearings - The second step in the parole process is for the Board to see an inmate in a hearing.
  • Parole Action - The next step in the parole process is called an action.  Actions include granting and denying revoking parole. In some cases, no action is taken.
  • FAQs - These are Frequently Asked Questions
  • About - Displays information about the Parole Board.
  • Contact - Provides the information you need to reach out to the Board.


    Guidelines for writing a letter to the Board

    The Board is always open to receiving written communications.  Please use the contact information in the top right corner of this page.

    Please be certain to include your name and address.  Please consider also including the best:

    • Phone number to reach you, if we have questions.  (Home, work, cell, etc.);
    • e-mail address;
    • Alternate phone numbers and e-mail addresses;
    • Optional fax numbers.

    (To find the current housing location of a specific inmate, use the "Inmate Search" page on the Department of Corrections website.  (Please follow the detailed directions on that page.)

    If you are writing in reference to an inmate, please include the following information in your letter or e-mail:

    • The inmate's first, middle and last name;
    • NDOC Offender ID;
    • Facility where the inmate is housed; 
    • The reason you are contacting the Board;
    • Details to support your request;
    • Any other relevant information, including references to court cases;
    • A summary of the action that you desire.