Monthly Parole Hearing Schedules

Inmates may be removed from these lists if they are moved from the scheduled institution or are otherwise determined not to be eligible for parole.

    To find the current housing location of a specific inmate, use the "Inmate Search" page on the Department of Corrections website. (Please follow the detailed directions on that page.)

      General Informaton

      • Parole Hearing Agendas are made available for viewing on this site as soon as they are finalized and approved for distribution. These meetings are for inmates currently incarcerated within a Nevada Department of Corrections facility. All parole hearings are held at the Parole Board’s Northern or Southern offices via video conference to the location the inmate is housed.
      • Parole Violation (PV) hearings are held at High Desert State Prison (HDSP), Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center (FMWCC), and Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC).
      • Maps and information about specific institutions may also be found on the Department of Corrections website. Click the link on the left to visit it.

        Parole Board Hearing Instructions

        1. Review the hearings by clicking on the appropriate month ink on the left sidebar under "Monthly Parole Hearing Schedules".
        2. Hearings are listed by the facility.  Hearings for various facilities may be conducted by video conference.  Locate the facility where the hearing will be held.
        3. Click on the appropriate date/time link.