Mandatory Parole Release Guideline Worksheet

NRS 213.1215 requires the Board to release eligible inmates under Mandatory Parole Release (MPR) unless the Board determines that the prisoner would be a danger to public safety while on parole. The risk level adopted by the Board for the discretionary release of prisoners will be considered when considering the release of a prisoner under MPR.

Prisoners who have been convicted of an offense listed in NRS 213.1214 (certain sex offenders) may not be released on MPR unless they are certified as not being a high risk to re-offend using a standard method of assessment. When considering whether to release a sex offender on Mandatory Parole, the Board will review both the psychosexual risk evaluation and the parole risk assessments and apply the higher risk of the two.

This worksheet is used to record relevant information for Mandatory Parole Releases.