Pardons Board Application

Any person who has committed a crime under the laws of the State of Nevada and is no longer serving the sentence imposed may apply to the Pardons Board for consideration to receive a pardon and/or the restoration of their civil rights.

There is no right afforded to any person of being granted a hearing or to receive any favorable action by the Pardons Board. The Pardons Board in Nevada consists of the Governor, the Attorney General and the Justices of the Supreme Court.

Offenders who have completed their sentence may apply for a pardon through the Executive Secretary of the Pardons Board. Applications by parolees who desire a commutation of sentence will be rejected. NRS 176.033 provides the avenue for parolees to request an early termination from parole. The power to grant a pardon or restore the rights of an offender does not extend to crimes committed under federal law or the laws of any other state. An application for a pardon will generally not be considered unless a significant period of time has passed since the applicant’s final discharge under the sentence. During this period, the applicant is expected to demonstrate complete and total rehabilitation.