Parole Statement of Financial Hardship


The Board of Parole Commissioners is committed to ensuring that offenders granted the privilege of parole pay all court ordered restitution to victims. As a condition of parole, the Board ordered that you make monthly payments to compensate the victims of your crime for the financial loss they suffered. If you are unable to pay the monthly amount of restitution as specified, it is your responsibility to advise the Board through your parole officer of your inability to pay. Failure to make restitution payments when you have the ability to pay is a violation of your parole and you may be returned to prison as a parole violator if you refuse to do so.

Your responsibility

You must accurately provide the following information in order for the Board to consider your request to reduce the monthly restitution payments. Falsifying the requested information is a violation of the terms and conditions of your parole. You must provide verification as requested by the Division of Parole and Probation.