The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners welcomes the views of the public as it endeavors to make fair and responsible decisions when convicted offenders become eligible for parole consideration.

All persons, victims or other interested persons may attend Parole Board hearings, submit documents to the Board, or make an appointment with one or more commissioners in either Carson City or Las Vegas prior to a hearing. Additionally, the Board does honor any proxy that a victim wishes to set up. This is done especially when victims are out of the State of Nevada and cannot attend, or they simply want someone else to speak for them.

Victim Notification

Victims of crime are defined as those against whom the offense was committed, a person, including a governmental entity, against whom a crime has been committed; a person who has been injured or killed as a direct result of the commission of the crime, or a relative of a person described above. A relative of a person includes: A spouse, parent, grandparent or stepparent; a natural child, step-child or adopted child; a grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister; or a parent of a spouse.

Please be assured if you elect to fill out the notification form, communicate with the Board by letter or meet with the Board in private, your communication will be kept confidential as provided in Nevada statutes. Please feel free to contact either office if you have any questions.

To receive notice of parole hearings you must provide a current address to the Parole Board. Failure to keep the Board advised of your current mailing address may result in you not being notified.

Victims Notification of Hearings

View and/or print the notification form, plus address registration and/or change of address.

A Brief Guide to Parole Board Hearings

View and/or print the Parole Board publication that provides a limited description of the parole process and victims rights, A Brief Guide to Parole Board Hearings. (Or call to request one.)