Please view the hearing fact sheet document listed on the left in the quick links section, and scroll down for a number of documents containing answers to questions received from the media.  


NOTE:  The Simpson case has now been transferred to the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation. Questions related to the pre-release process or community supervision should be directed to the Division.  Custody or release questions should be directed to the Nevada Department of Corrections. 



    P&P & NDOC Contacts


    Nevada Division of Parole &
    Nevada Department of


    Shawn Arruti, DPS Captain Brooke Keast       
    702-486-3179 (updated 11/13/17) 775-887-3309  


      Drop Box Access for Photos, Video & Notes

      The Parole Board has set up a public DropBox account.  Video, photos and other information related to the hearing may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the following link: 


      NOTE:  Parole hearings in Nevada are not transcribed and no transcript of this hearing is available.


        Newly Released Information

        (Recently uploaded documents may not be immediately available.)

         Posted Date   Information Document Link    
        9/26/2017   Questions related to the consideration of criminal history 9/26/2017 Questions Related to Criminal History
        9/26/2017   Questions related to the disposition of a 1989 Spousal Abuse complaint in California. Questions related to the 1989 California Complaint
            We can not accommodate any further media requests for onsite access to LCC or Carson City.  Please access the pool information posted in the quicklinks (for video).  Links to additional pool material will be listed on this site when it becomes available.  
        7/18/2017   Additional Questions and Answers  Additional Questions and Answers 7-18-2017
        7/18/2017             General questions & answers       2017-07-18 General Questions and Answers
        7/16/2017   Available and Off-Limits Parking Areas for Hearing  Parking Map
        7/16/2017   Media Access Info - Carson City  Carson Media Access Info
        7/16/2017   Media Access Info - Lovelock Correctional Center  LCC Media Access Info
        7/14/2017   Answers to media questions submitted on 7/13 and 7/14. 7-14-2017 Q&A (pdf)
        7/12/2017              Additional answers to questions about the time frame for making a decision and other media-related questions. 7-13-2017 Q&A (.pdf)
        7/12/2017              Answers to questions about the time frame for making a decision, the number of media organizations covering the hearing, placement of cameras, voting, etc. 7-12-2017 Q & A (.pdf)
        7/11/2017   Video pool distribution paths for the 7/20/2017 Orenthal Simpson hearing. Video pool distribution paths. (.pdf)
        7/11/2017       Answer to a question about the procedure that will be followed if all four of the Commissioners on Mr. Simpson's panel do not vote unanimously and additional Commissioners need to vote. 7-11-2017 Answer (.pdf)
        6/20/2017   Answers to questions related to deliberations, sentence length, projected expiration date and parole plan.   6-20-2017 Q & A (pdf)
        06/20/2017    First release of information      Please see the "Quick Links" section, on the left side of this page.

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            Hearing Date, Time and Location

            Hearing Date and Time: July 20, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
            Hearing Location: Board of Commissioners*
            1677 Old Hot Springs Rd., Ste A
            Carson City, NV 89706
            Video Conference Location: Lovelock Correctional Center*
            1200 Prison Road
            Lovelock, NV 89419

              Media Information

              In an effort to limit responses to redundant questions and to facilitate the dissemination of information to the media and interested persons, the Parole Board requests that questions related to this hearing or parole board processes from the media be submitted via email to Responses to common questions will be provided to media representatives and/or updated on this webpage.

              Please note: We are unable to accept any further requests for media access to either hearing location (Carson City or Lovelock).

                 Nevada Parole Board Nevada Department of Corrections 
                David M. Smith, Hearings Examiner II
                Brooke Keast, Public Information Officer